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Fig. 2. No therapeutic effect of hUC-MSC on A. alternata-induced asthma by intravenous route. Mice were induced to develop A. alternata-induced asthma and were then injected intravenously (i.v.) with hUC-MSCs on day 0 or 3. (A) Schematic depiction of the treatment protocol. i.t., intratracheally. (B and C) Measurement of AHR (B) and BAL cell counts (C) after treatment. (D and E) IL-5 and IL-13 production of the Th2 cells (D) and ILC2s (E) in the lung after treatment. The data shown represent 3 independent experiments (n = 4 for each group). The data are expressed as mean ± SEM. Groups were compared by one-way (D and E) or two-way (B and C) ANOVA with Dunnett’s post-hoc test. **P ˂ 0.01; ***P ˂ 0.001; n.s., not significant. CTRL, control; AM, alveolar macrophages; Eos, eosinophils; Neu, neutrophils; Lympho, lymphocytes.
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