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Fig. 1. Projection patterns of motor axons in the Drosophila embryos. In the left panel, late stage 16 wild-type embryos were stained with anti-FasII antibody, and then filleted to visualize motor axon projection patterns. Five major nerve branches, namely ISN, SNa, ISNb, SNc, and ISNd, and the transverse nerve (TN) as a minor nerve fascicle, are represented by the open boxes and arrowheads in abdominal segments, A4 and A5. An arrow indicates the lateral bipolar dendrite neuron (LBD) that makes synapses with the alary muscle (a). In the right panel, the schematic shows the cell bodies of embryonic motor neurons and their projection patterns in different colors, and their target muscles, which are numbered, in the VNC and peripheral nervous system. Scale bar = 15 μm.
Mol. Cells 2021;44:549~556
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