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Fig. 3. Dietary restriction of ROL rescues Pten-deficient mouse RPE from degeneration. (A and C) Pten-cko and TRP1-Cre mice were fed normal (ROL(+)), ROL-free (ROL(–)), or β-carotene-supplemented ROL-free (ROL(–);β-carotene) diets from P21 to P50 or P80. Eye and retinal structures of those mice were investigated by H&E staining of the eye sections at P50 (A) or P80 (C). Nuclei and F-actin in mouse RPE were visualized by immunostaining of flat-mount mouse eye cups with anti-Otx2 antibody and staining with phalloidine-Alexa647, respectively. Nuclei of the cells in the eye cups were also visualized by DAPI staining. (B and D) Numbers of cells in the ONL and INL of the retinal sections and numbers of RPE in the flat-mount eye cups were counted and the relative numbers to those in TRP1-Cre mice subjected to normal diet were shown in the graphs. Numbers of samples analyzed are shown in the bars of each graph. Error bars denote SD. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001.
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