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Fig. 1. Protein domain structures and amino acid sequence similarities of human MiT family proteins. (A) The four mammalian MiT family members share highly conserved basic helix-loop-helix, leucine zipper (bHLH-ZIP) domain, which serves as a DNA binding and dimerization domain. They also contain an activation domain (or acidic domain, AD) required for transcriptional activation and a serine-rich domain (Ser). In addition, TFEB has a glutamine-rich domain (Gln) and a proline-rich domain (Pro). (B) The amino acid sequence similarities among human MiT family proteins were analyzed using NCBI protein blast. Aligned amino acid sequence ranges are: MITF-A (53-425) vs TFEB (1-349); MITF-A (4-521) vs TFE3 (46-573); MITF-A (221-509) vs TFEC (59-331); TFEB (62-330) vs TFE3 (167-441); TFEB (119-476) vs TFEC (20-347); TFE3 (229-561) vs TFEC (24-331).
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