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Fig. 3. Allostery mediated by IDRs. (A) A schematic illustration is shown for positive allosteric coupling between the TAZ2 domain of CBP and the pocket domain of pRB that are bound to the distinct regions (N-terminal region and conserved region 1) of the adenoviral oncoprotein E1A. Truncation of the N-terminal region of E1A drives a transition in allostery from positive to negative coupling. (B) A schematic illustration is shown for the core complex of the NPC in which Nup53 utilizes the N and C-terminal IDRs to recruit Nic96 and Nup157, respectively. Binding of a karyopherin (Kap121) to the C-terminal IDR allosterically destabilizes the core complex by dissociating Nup157 from the nearby binding site and reducing the affinity of Nic96 for Nup53 by about an order of magnitude.
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