Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 1. Mechanisms of the interactions of IDRs with mac­romolecules. A schematic illustration is shown for coupled folding and binding, dynamic binding, and multivalent binding. Coupled folding and binding: interaction between pKID of CREB (red helix) and KIX of CBP (grey surface) (pdb code: 1kdx), interaction between NTAD of p53 (red helix) and Mdm2 (grey surface) (pdb code: 1ycr); Dynamic binding (fuzzy complex): interaction between cAD of GCN4 (red helix and loops) and ABD1 of Med15 (grey surface) (pdb code: 2lpb); Multivalent binding: schematic representation of multicomponent macromolecular complexes and of IDR-mediated allostery.
Mol. Cells 2020;43:899~908
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