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Fig. 1. RUNX2 structure. The structural and functional domains of mouse RUNX2-II (bone specific isoform) and its post-translational modification sites. Mouse RUNX2-II encodes a 528 amino acid proteins (exons 1-8) with functional domains including a glutamine/alanine-rich domain (QA), a Runt homology domain (RHD), a nuclear localization signal (NLS), a proline/serine/threonine-rich domain (PST), a nuclear matrix targeting signal (NMTS) and a C-terminal VWRPY domain. Red and blue circles over the protein indicate phosphorylation sites that activate and inhibit RUNX2, respectively. Acetylation sites are depicted as purple circles under the protein in the figure. E1-E8 indicate Exon1-Exon8.
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