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Fig. 1. The UPS comprises ATP-dependent concerted action of the E1, E2, and E3 enzyme cascade that results in the ubiquitination of target proteins and degradation in the proteasome. RING-domain E3 ligases are the central molecules of the UPS machinery and function by catalyzing the transfer of ubiquitin chains to target proteins. Recently, we unraveled the novel connection of the UPS to the autophagy pathway through the ability of autophagy-inducing protein EI24 to bind to and degrade RING-domain E3 ligases through autophagy machinery. EI24 acts as a connecting link to facilitate the recruitment of RING-domain E3 ligases to the autophagosome and their ultimate degradation in the autophagolysosome.
Mol. Cells 2017;40:897~905
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