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Fig. 3. (A, B) HeLa cells infected with either scramble shRNA (shCTL) or shRNA against OGT (shOGT) lentivirus were lysed, and cell lysates were immunoprecipitated with an anti-p65 antibody. Immunoprecipitates were then analysed by western blotting for OGT and O-GlcNAc. (C) HeLa cells infected with shCTL or shOGT lentivirus were lysed, and their cell lysates were subjected to sWGAlectin-affinity purification. The precipitates were analysed with western blotting for O-GlcNAc and p65. The inhibitory monosaccharide GlcNAc was added during sWGA-lectinaffinity purification. (D) HeLa cells transfected with plasmids encoding His- NFκB p65 or point mutated NFκB p65 were lysed and subjected to western blot analysis using p65 and CXCR4 antibodies. Data represent the mean ± SEM of three independent experiments. ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.005, *P < 0.05.
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