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Fig. 1. Schematic diagrams of local translation in dendritic spines and an axonal growth cone. (A) Illustration of mRNA localization in a neuron. (B) Localization of mRNA in dendritic spines. Translation of β-actin mRNA is repressed by ZBP1 during transport to the localization site. After translation, newly synthesized β-actin proteins accumulate at the periphery of the spines. Arc mRNA localizes selectively at active synapses and mediates local synthesis of Arc proteins, which play a role in AMPA receptor endocytosis. (C) Localization of mRNA in an axonal growth cone. BDNF and netrin-1 induce local translation of β-actin mRNA, which mediates growth cone turning toward extracellular cues. Sema3A induces local translation of MAP1B mRNA, which leads to growth cone collapse.
Mol. Cells 2016;39:841~846
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