• Article  31 October 2017

    Identification and Expression Analyses of Equine Endogenous Retroviruses in Horses

    Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) have been integrated into vertebrate genomes and have momentously affected host organisms. Horses (Equus caballus) have been domesticated and selected for elite racing ability over centuries. ERVs played an important role in the evolutionary diversification of the horse genome. In the present study, we identified six equine ERV families (EqERVs-E1, I1, M2, P1, S1, and Y4), their full-length viral open reading frames (ORFs), and elucidated their ...

  • Article  31 October 2017

    Rice 7-Hydroxymethyl Chlorophyll a Reductase Is Involved in the Promotion of Chlorophyll Degradation and Modulates Cell Death Signaling

    The loss of green coloration via chlorophyll (Chl) degradation typically occurs during leaf senescence. To date, many Chl catabolic enzymes have been identified and shown to interact with light harvesting complex II to form a Chl degradation complex in senescing chloroplasts; this complex might metabolically channel phototoxic Chl catabolic intermediates to prevent oxidative damage to cells. The Chl catabolic enzyme 7-hydroxymethyl Chl a reductase (HCAR) converts 7-hydroxymet ...

  • Article  31 October 2017

    GSK-J4-Mediated Transcriptomic Alterations in Differentiating Embryoid Bodies

    Histone-modifying enzymes are key players in the field of cellular differentiation. Here, we used GSK-J4 to profile important target genes that are responsible for neural differentiation. Embryoid bodies were treated with retinoic acid (10 μM) to induce neural differentiation in the presence or absence of GSK-J4. To profile GSKJ4-target genes, we performed RNA sequencing for both normal and demethylase-inhibited cells. A total of 47 and 58 genes were up- and down-regulated, respectively, aft ...

  • Minireview  31 October 2017

    Current Understanding of RANK Signaling in Osteoclast Differentiation and Maturation

    Osteoclasts are bone-resorbing cells that are derived from hematopoietic precursor cells and require macrophage-colony stimulating factor and receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand (RANKL) for their survival, proliferation, differentiation, and activation. The binding of RANKL to its receptor RANK triggers osteoclast precursors to differentiate into osteoclasts. This process depends on RANKL-RANK signaling, which is temporally regulated by various adaptor proteins and kinases. Here w ...

Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 805~887
Phospholipase D and Its Essential Role in Cancer
Ju Hwan Cho, and Joong-Soo Han
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 805-813  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0241 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Advances towards Controlling Meiotic Recombination for Plant Breeding
Kyuha Choi
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 814-822  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0171 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Rapid Report
Targeted Base Editing via RNA-Guided Cytidine Deaminases in Xenopus laevis Embryos
Dong-Seok Park, Mijung Yoon, Jiyeon Kweon, An-Hee Jang, Yongsub Kim, and Sun-Cheol Choi
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 823-827  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0262 PDF PubMed PubReader Supplementary File(s) Google Scholar Search
Visualization of Multicolored in vivo Organelle Markers for Co-Localization Studies in Oryza sativa
Sarmina Dangol, Raksha Singh, Yafei Chen, and Nam-Soo Jwa
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 828-836  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0045 PDF PubMed PubReader Supplementary File(s) Google Scholar Search
Epoxyeicosatrienoic Acid Inhibits the Apoptosis of Cerebral Microvascular Smooth Muscle Cells by Oxygen Glucose Deprivation via Targeting the JNK/c-Jun and mTOR Signaling Pathways
Youyang Qu, Yu Liu, Yanmei Zhu, Li Chen, Wei Sun, and Yulan Zhu
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 837-846  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0084 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Sox12 Is a Cancer Stem-Like Cell Marker in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Song Zou, Chen Wang, Jiansheng Liu, Qun Wang, Dongdong Zhang, Shengnan Zhu, Shengyuan Xu, Mafei Kang, and Shaozhong He
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 847-854  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0129 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Endophilin A2: A Potential Link to Adiposity and Beyond
Assim A. Alfadda, Reem M. Sallam, Rukhsana Gul, Injae Hwang, and Sojeong Ka
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 855-863  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0137 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Mitochondrial Uncoupling Attenuates Age-Dependent Neurodegeneration in C. elegans
Injeong Cho, Hyun-Ok Song, and Jeong Hoon Cho
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 864-870  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0172 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Maintained MPF Level after Oocyte Vitrification Improves Embryonic Development after IVF, but not after Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
Ji I Baek, Dong-Won Seol, Ah-Reum Lee, Woo Sik Lee, Sook-Young Yoon, and Dong Ryul Lee
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 871-879  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0184 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-Induced Autophagy Is Responsible for Enhanced Osteoclastogenesis
Ok-Joo Sul, Hyun-Jung Park, Ho-Jung Son, and Hye-Seon Choi
Mol. Cells 2017; 40(11): 880-887  https://doi.org/10.14348/molcells.2017.0230 PDF PubMed PubReader Google Scholar Search
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Current Issue

30 November 2017
Volume 40,
Number 11,
pp. 805~887
dRAGging Amino Acid-mTORC1 Signaling by SH3BP4
Young-Mi Kim, and Do-Hyung Kim*
Received September 19, 2012; Accepted December 4, 2012.
Olfactory Carbon Dioxide Detection by Insects and Other Animals
Walton Jones
Received January 30, 2013; Accepted February 2, 2013.
Broad Activity against Porcine Bacterial Pathogens Displayed by Two Insect Antimicrobial Peptides Moricin and Cecropin B
Han Hu, Chunmei Wang, Xiaozhen Guo, Wentao Li, Yang Wang, and Qigai He
Received May 4, 2012; Accepted November 20, 2012.
A MAP Kinase Pathway Is Implicated in the Pseudohyphal Induction by Hydrogen Peroxide in Candica albicans
Kavitha Srinivasa, Jihyun Kim, Subog Yee, Wankee Kim*, and Wonja Choi*
Activation of Rice nicotianamine synthase 2 (OsNAS2) Enhances Iron Availability for Biofortification
Sichul Lee, You-Sun Kim, Un Sil Jeon, Yoon-Keun Kim, Jan K. Schjoerring, and Gynheung An*
Rhythmic Oscillation of Histone Acetylation and Methylation at the Arabidopsis Central Clock Loci
Hae-Ryong Song, and Yoo-Sun Noh*

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