DDX53 Regulates Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties by Binding to SOX-2
Youngmi Kim, Minjeong Yeon, and Dooil Jeoung*
Department of Biochemistry, Kangwon National University, Chunchon 24341, Korea
*Correspondence: jeoungd@kangwon.ac.kr
Received January 4, 2017; Revised April 6, 2017; Accepted April 14, 2017.; Published online May 2, 2017.
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This study investigated the role of cancer/testis antigen DDX53 in regulating cancer stem cell-like properties. DDX53 shows co-expression with CD133, a marker for cancer stem cells. DDX53 directly regulates the SOX-2 expression in anticancer drug-resistant Malme3MR cells. DDX53 and miR-200b
were found to be involved in the regulation of tumor spheroid forming potential of Malme3M and Malme3MR cells. Furthermore, the self-renewal activity and the tumorigenic potential of Malme3MR-CD133 (+) cells were also regulated by DDX53. A miR-200b inhibitor induced the direct regulation of SOX-2 by DDX53 We therefore, conclude that DDX53 may serve as an immunotherapeutic target for regulating cancer stem-like properties of melanomas.
anti-cancer drug-resistance, cancer stem cell-like properties, DDX53, SOX-2

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30 April 2017 Volume 40,
Number 4, pp. 243~314

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