Mol. Cells 2006; 21(1): 147~152  
The Rice FON1 Gene Controls Vegetative and Reproductive De-velopment by Regulating Shoot Apical Meristem Size
Sunok Moon, Ki-Hong Jung, Do-Eun Lee, Dong-Yeon Lee, Jinwon Lee, Kyungsook An, Hong-Gyu Kang, Gynheung An
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Most plant organs develop from meristems. Rice FON1, which is an ortholog of Clv1, regulates stem cell proliferation and organ initiation. The point muta-tions, fon1-1 and fon1-2, disrupt meristem balance, resulting in alteration of floral organ numbers and the architecture of primary rachis branches. In this study, we identified two knockout alleles, fon1-3 and fon1-4, generated by T-DNA and Tos17 insertion, respectively. Unlike the previously isolated point mutants, the null mutants have alterations not only of the reproductive organs but also of vegetative tissues, producing fewer tillers and secondary rachis branches. The mutant plants are semi-dwarfs due to delayed leaf emergence, and leaf senescence is delayed. SEM analysis showed that the shoot apical meristems of fon1-3 mutants are enlarged. These results indicate that FON1 controls vegetative as well as reproductive development by regulating meristem size.
Keywords: clavata1, Multiple Pistils, Reproductive Development, Rice, Semi-Dwarf, Senescence

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30 November 2020 Volume 43,
Number 11, pp. 899~973

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