Mol. Cells 2019; 42(2): 175~182
The MicroRNA-551a/MEF2C Axis Regulates the Survival and Sphere Formation of Cancer Cells in Response to 5-Fluorouracil
Hoin Kang1, Chongtae Kim1, Eunbyul Ji1, Sojin Ahn1, Myeongwoo Jung1, Youlim Hong1, WooK Kim2, and Eun Kyung Lee1,*
1Department of Biochemistry, The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, 2Department of Molecular Science and Technology, Ajou University, Suwon, Korea
Received July 9, 2018; Revised December 6, 2018; Accepted December 12, 2018.; Published online February 24, 2019.
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microRNAs regulate a diverse spectrum of cancer biology, including tumorigenesis, metastasis, stemness, and drug resistance. To investigate miRNA-mediated regulation of drug resistance, we characterized the resistant cell lines to 5-fluorouracil by inducing stable expression of miRNAs using lenti-miRNA library. Here, we demonstrate miR-551a as a novel factor regulating cell survival after 5-FU treatment. miR-551a-expressing cells (Hep3B-lenti-miR-551a) were resistant to 5-FU-induced cell death, and after 5-FU treatment, and showed significant increases in cell viability, cell survival, and sphere formation. It was further shown that myocyte-specific factor 2C is the direct target of miR-551a. Our results suggest that miR-551a plays a novel function in regulating 5-FUinduced cell death, and targeting miR-551a might be helpful to sensitize cells to anti-cancer drugs.
Keywords: anti-cancer drug resistance, cell survival, hepatocellular carcinoma, microRNA, sphere formation

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31 January 2019 Volume 42,
Number 1, pp. 1~96

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