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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. TGFβ1-induced reduction of MUC5AC expression. (A) For 24 h, NCI-H292 cells were incubated with various ligands or stimuli, including EGF (100 ng/ml, bin 3), TGFβ1 (10 ng/ml, bin 4), TNF-α (20 ng/ml, bin 5), Acrolein (30 nM, bin 6), PMA (100 nM, bin 7), LPS (1 µg/ml, bin 8), IL-1β (20 ng/ml, bin 9), and CSC (10 µg/ml, bin 10). Bar graphs represent the mean ± SD of three independent experiments (***P < 0.001 compared with the controls, such as GM with blank or GM with 0.05% DMSO). The secretion of MUC5AC was assayed using ELISA. (B and C) TGFβ1-induced reduction of MUC5AC was restored by adding a TGFβ receptor inhibitor (SB431542). In contrast, other inhibitors for IKK (BAY11-7082), PI3K (LY294002), or NF-κB (Triptolide) showed no such effect. The mRNA or protein expression level of MUC5AC was evaluated using qRT-PCR, ELISA, or western blot analysis.
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