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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. sona and ana3 have a positive genetic interaction. (A) Lethality by overexpressed Sona is rescued by coexpression of ana3i. The single asterisk indicates 100% pupal lethality of ptc>sona and en>sona flies. Survival rates from two independent experiments are averaged (n > 100, each). Lethality by UAS-sona expression is similar to that by UAS-sona; UAS-GFP, establishing that lethality caused by Sona overexpression is not affected by UAS gene dose (Han et al., 2020). (B-H) The small wing phenotype by knockdown of ana3 is rescued by overexpression of Sona. Wings from flies with marked genotypes are shown in (B-G). The expression regions of Gal4 drivers are indicated in green in (B and E). Wing sizes were measured and averaged in the same way as in Fig. 2J (n > 20 for each) (H). Scale bar = 200 μm (B-G). *P < 0.1 (H), ***P < 0.001 (A and H).
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