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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Loss of ana3 causes developmental defects in wings and hinges. All wings are obtained from female flies cultured at 25°C. Their genotypes are given in the lower left in all panels. (A-C) Gain of ana3 phenotype in act>ana3-GFP and Ubq-ana3-GFP wings compared to CS. (D-I) Knockdown of ana3 phenotype. CS and UAS-ana3i lines were crossed with ci-Gal4, ptc-Gal4, and en-Gal4 drivers, and the adult wings of the progenies were compared. The expression regions of Gal4 drivers are indicated in green (D-F). (J) Wing sizes of the flies in (D-I) were measured as pixel numbers (n > 30 for each) using the entire wing blade except for the hinge with ImageJ. 100% lethality is marked with the single asterisk. (K-N) Developmental defects in the hinges of ana3 knockdown flies. In (K), the three major parts of the hinge are marked as follows: anterior costal cell with an asterisk, 1st basal cells with an arrowhead, and the alula with an arrow. Scale bars = 200 μm (A-I); 71 μm (K-N). ***P < 0.001.
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