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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Mapping of ana3m19 and comparison between Ana3 homologs. (A-C) Localization of the m19 suppressor between cn and c by meiotic mapping (arrow in A). Deficiency mapping localized m19 in the region between 48F1 and 49A1 (blue box in B). Whole-genome sequencing identified a C to T transition in the 5175th bp of the ana3 gene of the m19 suppressor (arrowhead in C). (D) Comparison between Ana3 homologs. Armadillo repeats are shown. The sequence homology in the truncated region of Ana3m19 protein is listed on the right, as indicated by alignment scores. D. melanogaster, Drosophila melanogaster; X. laevis, Xenopus laevis; D. rerio, Danio rerio; M. musculus, Mus musculus; H. sapiens, Homo sapiens.
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