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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Aberrant upregulation of ATX2 decreases neuronal FMRP protein levels. (A) Representative images of FMR1-GFP in C4da neurons of Control or ATX2 expressing neurons (Genotype: Control, +/+; ppk1a-Gal4/UAS-FMR1-GFP; ATX2, UAS-ATX2/+; ppk1a-Gal4/UAS-FMR1-GFP). (B) Quantification of the average FMR1-GFP intensity in C4da neurons expressing denoted transgenes described in Fig. 3A. ****P < 0.0001 by two-tailed t-test; error bars ± SEM; n ≥ 9 neurons. (C) The amount of protein level of ATX2 and FMRP after 24 h or 72 h of RU486 treatment in the brain of Control or expressing ATX2 (Genotype: Elav-GS, +/+; elav-GS-Gal4/+; Elav-GS + ATX2, UAS-ATX2/+; elav-GS-Gal4/+). (D) Quantification of the protein level of FMRP. The values were normalized by those of Elav protein expression. n.s., not significant; *P = 0.0249 by two-tailed t-test; error bars ± SEM; n = 3 replicates.
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