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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Distinct distribution of GBM around the tumor center. (A) A schematic presentation for region of interest showing zones 1 to 4 (red rectangles) were serially arranged in a 200-µm distance from the tumor center. Contralateral (Contral.) area corresponding to zone 2 in the contralateral hemisphere. (B) Bright field images of H&E-stained brain sections. Note the demarcating margin between zones 2 and 3 in U87/GFP–bearing tumors (2 weeks). The margin between zones 2 and 3 was diffuse for LN229/GFP cells (6 weeks). Scale bar = 50 µm. (C) Quantification of the number of GFP-positive cells in the proximity of blood vessel cells. The data are presented as mean ± SE per mm2 obtained from three animals per group. **P < 0.01. (D) The brain sections were immunostained for the expression of GFP and CD31 (an endothelial cell marker) in the indicated area. Arrowheads indicate co-localization/proximity of GFP- and CD31-positive cells. Note that dispersion of LN229/GFP cells along blood vessels in zones 3 and 4. Scale bar = 100 µm.
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