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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Cellular routes of stress-related proteins in Arabidopsis. (A) PR1 is regarded to be secreted via ER, Golgi, TGN and secretory vesicle as shown by an arrow. For the secretion of PR1, AtBET12 and AtMEMB12 control the ER-Golgi trafficking, AtSYP4s (AtSYP41/42/43) does the budding of AtVAMP721/722 vesicles at the TGN, AtSYP121/132-AtSNAP33 at the PM regulate the fusion of AtVAMP721/722 vesicles with the PM. (B) K+ channels and aquaporins are thought to be delivered from the TGN to the PM via AtVAMP721/722 secretory vesicles. Their transport is controlled by AtSYP4s/AtSYP61 at the TGN and by AtSYP121/AtSNAP33 at the PM.
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