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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Two distinct types of SNARE complexes containing four α-helices to drive vesicle fusion events. While four different SNAREs (Qa + Qb + Qc + R) form a quaternary SNARE complex for fusing a vesicle with an intracellular compartment (A), three different ones (Qa + Qbc + R) do a ternary SNARE complex for exocytosis (vesicle fusion with the PM) (B). Known Arabidopsis SNARE complexes are; (A) AtSYP22-AtVTI11-AtSYP51-AtVAMP727 (Qa-Qb-Qc-R) quaternary SNARE complex (Ebine et al., 2008), and (B) AtSYP121-AtSNAP33-AtVAMP721/722 (Qa-Qbc-R) ternary SNARE complex (Kwon et al., 2008b).
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