Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Average variation in cell proliferation (A) and cell viability (B) of STK11 wild-type cell lines (H322M, HCC827, and H1975) and mutant cell lines (A549, H23, and H1993) by the ENO3 gene knockdown using siRNAs. Comparative changes in cell proliferation (C) and cell viability (D) in STK11-mutant parental cells and STK11 recovered cells by the ENO3 gene knockdown. Cell proliferation was measured based on the direct cell count in the well. Cell viability was measured using CellTiter Blue assay (see the Materials and Methods section for detail). All y-axes represent percentage of cell proliferation or cell viability divided by an average of negative control. Student’s one-tailed t-test was used to test statistical significance. Error bars indicate SD.
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