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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. (A and F) Cytotoxicity of CoCl2 and YC-1 in PDLSCs was detected using MTT assay, and the optimal concentrations of CoCl2 and YC-1 were determined as 100 μmol/L and 10 μmol/L, respectively; *P < 0.05 versus the control group. (B–E) PDLSCs were cultured in normoxia and treated with 100 μmol/L CoCl2 for different time periods (12, 24, 48, and 72 h), and the HIF-1α, VEGF, and RUNX2 protein expression levels were measured by Western blot. The results were quantified as shown; *P < 0.05 versus the control group. (G and H) PDLSCs were cultured in hypoxia with or without 10 μmol/L YC-1 (Hy or YC-1/Hy) for 24 h, and the expression of HIF-1α, VEGF, and RUNX2 proteins was measured by Western blot; *P < 0.05 among the groups. (I and J) CoCl2 with or without YC-1 was applied to PDLSCs, and the expression of VEGF or RUNX2 was measured by qPCR; *P < 0.05 among the groups. (K) The effects of hypoxia or CoCl2 on the mRNA expression of VEGF and RUNX2 were confirmed by qPCR in cells cultured for 6 h; *P < 0.05 versus the control group. (L) After inhibiting the stabilization of HIF-1α by YC-1, RUNX2 mRNA was measured by qPCR; *P < 0.05 versus the control group.
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