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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. (A) Validation of the specific interaction between PSPH and IRS-1 proteins. (B) Validation of IRS-1 dephosphorylation by PSPH overexpression (immunoblot assay). (C) Validation of IRS-1 dephosphorylation by wild type (WT) and mutant (D20A) PSPH (immunostaining). Red, phospho-IRS-1 (Ser794); Blue, DAPI. (D) Regulation of downstream signals by WT and mutant (D20A) PSPH. (E) Results of the RT-qPCR assay for the known downstream target genes of the Akt signaling pathway (CDK2: P = 4.0 × 10−5, HRAS: P = 7.0 × 10−5, MAPKAP1: P = 8.0 × 10−4, SLC2A1: P = 1.4 × 10−6; t-test). (F) The correlation between PSPH and Akt target genes. (G) The results of invasion assays with rapamycin treatment after ectopic PSPH overexpression (NCI-H1299: P = 5.8 × 10−5, A549: P = 7.4 × 10−5; t-test). Data are representative of three independent experiments. The error bars represent the standard error of the mean. ***P < 0.001.
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