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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Analysis of resistance-induced signatures for EGFR inhibitors Illustrative case results available in the ‘Analysis’ menu of CDRgator, generated using resistance-induced signatures for five EGFR inhibitors. Color legends of drug and cancer type are described in Fig. 3C; (A) signature similarity analysis; heat represents all pairwise similarities; hierarchical clustering of similarity is shown at the top and left; (B) multidimensional scaling plot of similarity metrics; outer circles are colored cancer types, and inner circle are drugs; the dashed line indicates a cluster including primarily head and neck cancer signatures; (C) KEGG pathway enrichment analysis; up (red) or down (green) regulated gene sets in individual signatures were tested using each pathway term on the left; heat indicates–log p-value of hypergeometric testing between each pathway gene set and signatures; hierarchical clustering is shown on the top and left.
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