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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Treatment with BL or ABA of the floral bud of wild-type (A) and RAV1-overexpressing transgenic plant (B) affects seed development. After hormone treatment, frequency of the various seeds in a silique from each plant were counted and compared with those from mock-treated plants (n = 15 siliques from each plant, *p < 0.001 compared with mock-treated sample). C. Model for RAV1 action in seed development. The SHB1-MINI3-IKU2 pathway is positively regulated by BR via the action of BZR1 and is negatively regulated by ABA via the action of ABI5. In this known pathway, RAV1, whose transcriptional expression is down-regulated by BZR1, represses the expression of ABI5, MINI3, and IKU2 as a transcriptional repressor, which provides information for the fine regulation of seed development.
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