Molecules and Cells

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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Cells were transfected with EB1-EGFP construct and EB1 was imaged by tracking EGFP fluorescence. Microtubule subpopulations were classified by growth speed and growth lifetime in HeLa cells. We used the ‘Quadrant Scatter Plot’ tool of plusTipTracker (). (A) Four subpopulations of growth sub-tracks are imaged by 4 different colors; ‘slow and long-lived’ (green), ‘fast and long-lived’ (blue), ‘slow and short-lived’ (red), and ‘fast and short-lived’ (yellow). (B) Relative proportions of the subpopulations in different subcellular regions, (C and D) Quantitative analysis of EB1-EGFP comet growth speed and number of nucleations in live cells.
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