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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. (A) Putative Ventx1.1 response consensus binding elements (VREs) are presented within the upstream promoter region of zic3 gene. (B) ChIP-Seq coverage plot of 3Flag-Ventx1.1 on the zic3 promoter. (C) Putative VRE sequences and their locations within the zic3 promoter. (D) This plot is showing the similarity in structure between Chr8S and Chr8L of zic3 promoter with the VRE1 and VRE2 locations marked. (E) In the ChIP assay, 3Flag-Ventx1.1 construct (500 pg/embryos) was injected at the one-cell stage and the embryos were harvested at stage 11 in 30% MMR solution. Anti-Flag antibody was used to immune-precipitate the endogenous zic3 promoter region. VRE1 and VRE2 were measured by PCR with specific zic3 promoter primers. (F) Consensus binding motifs of VRE1 and VRE2 are fully matched in both Chr8S and Chr8L of the zic3 promoter regions.
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