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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Ventx1.1 (500 pg/embryo) mRNA was co-injected with and without FoxD5b-En mRNA (280 pg/embryos) at the one-cell stage, followed by dissection of the animal cap explants (AC) at stage 8 and harvesting at stage 11 and 24 respectively. The relative gene expressions were analyzed by RT-PCR: (A and C) Ventx1.1 reduced the FoxD5b-induced expression of zic3 and foxD5b in both animal cap explants (A) and whole embryos (WE) (B) at stage 11. (B and D) Ventx1.1 reduced the FoxD5b-En-induced expression of ncam, Xngnr (pan-neural markers) and NeuroD (neuronal differentiation marker) while induced the expression of xK81 (keratin marker) at stage 24. EF1α loading control, non-injected animal caps (negative control), whole embryo (WE) (positive control), control reaction without reverse transcriptase (−RT).
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