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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. (A) Production of the SPO11-1 protein-DNA oligonucleotide complex during meiotic DSB formation. (B) Landscapes of SPO11-1-oligonucletides (oligos) and crossovers along Arabidopsis chromosome 1. (C) Representative snap shots for meiotic DSBs, nucleosome occupancy, and H3K4m3 levels, in the chromosomal arm and centromeric region of Arabidopsis chromosome 1. A DNA transposon, Helitron (AT1TE29920) located at a gene promoter displays high DSB levels and low nucleosome occupancy (left image), while centromeric transposons (AT1TE51615, AT1TE51645, Gypsy retrotransposon) display low levels of DSBs (right image).
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