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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Regulatory peptide-GAL4 expression in the midgut. (A) Expression patterns of indicated regulatory peptide-GAL4 drivers visualized by GFP reporter expression. Solid lines indicate the regions of the midgut that show expression, and the dotted lines indicate regions where the density of expressing cells is relatively low. Blue shows DAPI staining. (B) AstA-, AstC-, Dh31-, and NPF-GAL4 expression represents the expression of each peptide. Double-color staining of GFP reporter expression driven by regulatory peptide-GAL4 (green) and regulatory peptide antibodies (magenta). Photos of AstA and Dh31 show the posterior midgut, and AstC and NPF show the anterior midgut. The scale bars indicate 200 μm.
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