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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Rearrangement of focal adhesion sites by Sep15 knockdown. (A) Cells were stained for paxillin (green) and F-actin (red). (B) Effect of inhibiting RhoA and ROCK signaling on focal adhesion distribution. Cells were treated with Y-27632 or C3 transferase were stained for paxillin. Scale bars represent 10 μm. (C) Lamellipodia formation was inhibited by Sep15 knockdown at the leading edge of migrating cells and was restored by the inhibition of RhoA and ROCK activity. The morphology of migrating cells was examined under a light microscope and imaged. Arrows indicate lamellipodia. Scale bars represent 20 μm. Where indicated, cells were preincubated with Y-27632 or C3 transferase for 1 h and 16 h, respectively, before seeding.
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